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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an essential exercise for any organization to define its general direction and strategic objectives for a given time horizon, taking into account the internal and external business context of the organization. It is also an efficient way to align and engage the senior management team in the future of the company.

"Strategic planning is an essential exercise that allows you to concretely define your ambition and the actions to be implemented to achieve it. This way, you ensure that your teams are working in the same direction to achieve your growth objectives." - Josée-Christine Boilard, President and Founder of Talent Flex

Our contribution

To develop your strategic planning process, Talent Flex offers a structured approach that includes:

  • Analyzing and defining your current strategic position, your challenges, and your external environment
  • Clarifying the future positioning you wish to achieve as well as the key actions that will lead you there
  • Aligning your mission, your vision and your values
  • Developing a plan that details the priority objectives and rallies the key players in your organization around a common goal

Who is strategic planning for?

  • Any new management team that wants to build its vision for growth
  • Any management team that wants to consolidate its vision and objectives
  • Any company that wants to review its priority growth projects

What you will get out of it

  • Strategic alignment sessions based on a proven methodology
  • An analysis of your current strategic positioning
  • Concrete business objectives to achieve your vision
  • An actionable plan to reach these objectives

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At Talent Flex, we help small and medium-sized businesses manage and execute their growth projects by focusing on a clear and simple vision, a strong and positive culture, the right talent in the right place, focus and discipline in execution.

Human Resources Function

Let's identify key strategic levers and drive your human capital to support the achievement of your business objectives.

Organizational Diagnosis

Let's define the current situation to identify key issues and identify relevant, concrete and measurable actions.

Organizational Structure

Define clear roles and responsibilities for your teams to accelerate your growth or transformation projects.

Performance Management

Drive your results through a clear alignment between your business objectives and those of your teams.

Succession Planning

Build your succession and address talent-related operational risks to ensure business continuity.

Transformation and Change Management

Let's create an agile and human change management plan to accelerate your transformation and achieve the desired results.


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