Josée-Christine Boilard, MBA, CRHA, IAS.A
President and Strategic Advisor

Josée-Christine Boilard, MBA, CRHA, IAS.A

Driven by the idea of supporting entrepreneurs and leaders achieving their ambitious growth objectives, Josée-Christine founded Talent Flex Consulting in 2013 and co-founded Cyan Talent in 2019.

With over 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles in the financial services and real estate industries, she has been in the front seat to capture the strategic importance of a proactive and value-driven approach to managing talents and people.

Josée-Christine is an expert in organizational transformation, particularly in growth contexts, integration post M&A or strategic redirection. Her atypical professional curriculum that blends business, talent & culture, finance, efficient business processes and technology help her quickly grasp the strategic opportunities and issues and develop concrete and simple action plans for organizations and their leadership teams to achieve their goals. She is passionate by entrepreneurs, digital transformation and ESG related issues.

With her extensive operational experience, she brings a concrete, simple and pragmatic approach to managing growth, which helps clients achieve their ambitious goals in a sustainable way, by leveraging a strong and positive culture, as well as simple, attainable and clear strategic goals and by focusing on discipline and execution. Authenticity and impact drive her actions.

Josée-Christine holds an MBA in Financial Services, the Institute of Corporate Director designation and is a Certified Human Resources Manager. She chaired the Board of the Fondation du Collège Montmorency (2013-2019), is Chair of the Governance Committee and is Board Member for the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority, a federal crown corporation under the Ministry of Transportation. She also serves on the Board of la Cité des métiers.


  • Growth management
  • Strategic business planning
  • Strategic talent management
  • Organizational transformation
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic alignment and facilitation